Shifu Panagiotis Derventis
Panagiotis Derventis


Shifu Panagiotis Derventis is an instructor in physical education and traditional Chinese martial arts, a graduate of the Physical Education and Sports Science Department of the University of Athens and a postgraduate of the Beijing Sport University (BSU).

From 1993, he has been student of the Grandmaster of the Eagle Claw, Guo Xian He. After passing the traditional ceremony (kou bai) in 1996, shifu Derventis became internal student of GM Guo and third successor of “Ying Zhao Fan Zi Men” after the creator, GM Chen Zi Zheng. Today, he is head of the “Guo Family Ying Shou Quan” in Greece, teaching the traditional “Ying Zhao Fan Zi” in Greece and abroad.

Shifu Derventis began his traditional Wushu training in 1986, in Athens, studying for several years “Bei Shaolin Ying Zhao Fan Zi Men” under the guidance of master Hassan Bashir. From September 1992 to July 1994 he lived in Beijing, where he also studied Tai Ji Yang Style with master Tian Ri Si and Daoyin Yangshen Gong under the personal guidance of GM Zhang Guande.

Apart from Ying Shou, shifu Derventis teaches today Tai Ji Quan and Dao Yin Yangshen Gong, holding from 2003 the position of the representative of “European Dao Yin Federation” for Greece. He also teaches Chinese wrestling (Shuai Jiao) under the guidance of master Liu Zu Guang from Beijing, he is founding member of International Guang Wu Shuai Jiao Association and holding the position of the vice president in the newly created Greek Shuai Jiao Union.

He holds a diploma in Wushu instruction in the categories of taolu and sanda from the General Secretariat of Sport. He also holds the 5th duan from the Chinese Wushu Federation (since 2004), the 6th duan from the “Hellenic Wushu Kung Fu Federation” and the 8th duan from the “World Organization of Wushu Kung Fu Masters”.

He is an international taolu judge and he acted as a member of the European Wushu Fedederation’s traditional taolu technical board. For many years, he has strived to promote the development of Chinese martial arts in Greece, as one of the heads of the Hellenic Wushu Kung Fu Federation’s technical board (President of Technical Committee of Hellenic Wushu Federation from 2000- 2008).

At the “1st World Traditional Wushu Festival” (Zhengzhou China, 2004) he won the first prize in two categories (other styles of fist and soft apparatuses), while at the “3rd International Traditional Wushu Championship” (Wudang China, 2008) he came in second and third place in the categories of “cudgel” and “northern fist”, respectively.

Shifu Derventis, has been teaching Chinese martial arts more than 20 years and has trained many students and champions who competed in Greece and abroad. Still, he frequently visits China for training, taking part in championships and visiting his master Guo Xian He. He has written many articles in Greek Wushu magazines and online martial arts sites. In 2012, he wrote the book: “Ying shou Quan / Walking on the roads of the Eagle. Traditional Kung Fu. Theory and Technique” (Kondyli Press), which has been released both in Greek and English language.